Selecting the correct fin is not a difficult process. Profile and area are all most sailors need to consider.

    Profile is the outline or plan form of the fin. Profiles range from near vertical (high aspect) race fins to highly swept wave and weed fins. High aspect vertical fins excel upwind while swept fins add stability and shed debris.

    The area of a fin simply counteracts the lifting force of the sail. The fin tables give an approximate range of sail sizes for each fin based on its area. The range can vary widely depending upon sailor weight, board size, and sailing style.

    So, we’re ready to select a fin. First, consider the design of the board. Race boards work best with high aspect fins while wave boards like swept fins. Select a profile that best suits the board and your sailing style.

    Next, based on the anticipated sail range, select a fin that most closely suits your needs.

    In summary:

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      Tuttle  heads are provided with ¼"-20 tapped composite threads, Powerbox with 6 mm "barrel" nuts. Variations are available upon request.


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